Google Play
Mac OS


Using my phone number

  • Use Appstore or Google Play to download Kakakiexpress App.
  • Choose option : “New to Kakakiexpress”.
  • Choose the flag of your country and enter your phone number as it is.
  • An SMS with the activation code in a few seconds to reach your mobile.
  • Enter the activation code and start enjoying Kakakiexpress.

OR… Using my e-mail

  • Choose the option “Use my e-mail to register”.
  • Create a username and password.
  • You will receive an activation link in your email.
  • Add your phone number in the section “My profile” of your Kakakiexpress App , and communicate for free.

The SMS could not reach. In some countries, mobile telephony has restrictions. If this is your case, do the following:

  • Confirm if your numberis correct.
  • Click in the new message
  • Prepare something to write. In a few seconds you will receive a call with the code in English
  • Go to extended_menu icon_options and choose My profile
  • Click on frame and change Your profile picture
  • Set your status / Kakakiexpress ID / E-mail
  • Complete your profile details at: Profile details
  • Go to extended_menu
  • avatar
  • Green online – Yes, you are
  • Grey offline – No, you’re not
  • Go to contacts
  • avatar
  • Green online – Yes, he/she is!
  • Grey offline – No, he/she is not!
  • Grey and Green online_bcg – Kakakiexpress works in background, you can still call him/her
  • Go to contacts and select person using Kakakiexpress
  • Click contacts_beeptool to view all Kakakiexpress users
  • Press beeptool_icon and select beeptool_options. Any option is free for you
  • Kakakiexpress users – for Free!
  • Any fixed or mobile number in the world that does not have Kakakiexpress, with the lowest rates in the market.
  • Deactivation – removing your number from our servers and losing any amount of money saved on your account.
  • Deinstallation – your number remains on our servers. You can remove an old Kakakiexpress version and install a new one without losing your data.
  • Go to extended_menu and choose settings Settings
  • Activate PUSH Notifications

You don’t have to add friends to Kakakiexpress contact list. That option is available, but Kakakiexpress list is automatically integrated with list on your phone.

  • Go to extended_menu and choose invite
  • Choose the option that you like to invite your friends social